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Good (team) sports

Here’s a way one workplace is getting active outside the office.

My Masseur has rallied the troops at work and put together a Corporate Team for the Mike Carney HOTRock8 — an eight-hour mountain bike relay race at Ross Dam on Sunday, May 18. The amazing thing? Until a few weeks ago, some of the brave volunteers hadn’t ridden a bike since it had training wheels.

ABOVE: Kate Gibson, Tracey Waters, Evie Waters, Nathan Waters, Ethan Waters (back), Moana Burgess, Tony Caruana and Kimberley Stokes (not pictured Kiara Fraser).

“I will probably be the first to need an ambulance as I am a bit clumsy, so have them ready on speed dial” – Moana Burgess

My Masseur co-owner Tracey Waters, who has been mountain biking for 18 months, pitched the HOTRock Corporate Challenge idea to staff with the intention of having a laugh, but also so everyone could experience a new physical challenge.

“Our therapists have a general level of fitness, but didn’t necessarily have the bike skills, so we started by getting them out on some borrowed bikes to get them used to riding on the dirt,” explains Tracey. “There have been a couple of little falls; nothing bad, just a couple of bruises. There is a bit of a joke around the clinic, given the lack of bike riding ability, about whether there’ll be any staff left to massage the injured.”

The HOTRock8 course is off-road, but has no seriously steep hills or technical sections, making it great for mountain-biking newbies. Individuals can complete the eight hours solo, but teams ride a much more comfortable relay, with one ‘active’ rider on the course at-a-time while the other teammates recover, chat and generally compare notes.

Registrations are now closed, but visit Rockwheelers to check out their calendar of social rides — another ideal way to get involved in the sport.

Introducing the My Masseur team…

Kate Gibson, 33: “I’ve had two mountain bike rides. In the second ride I made it to the summit at Douglas and I’m hooked.”

Tracey Waters, 37: “I started mountain biking 18 months ago to complement running, however I no longer run, just ride. As a business we encourage participation in healthy recreational activities and one of the best ways to do this is to be involved ourselves.”

Evie Waters, 12: “I started riding two years ago for fun and to ride with Dad [Nathan Waters]. I have competed at Rockwheelers races by myself and in a team with my family.”

Nathan Waters, 37: “After knee surgery I was told I couldn’t play football anymore and had to get fit. A client introduced me to mountain bikes two-and-a-half years ago… the rest is an addictive history!”

Ethan Waters, 14: “I started riding two years ago with the family and have done various Rockwheelers races. I ride for the adrenalin and only really like riding downhill these days.”

Moana Burgess, 32: “My mountain bike experience is nil, however fitness experience I do have. I’m mostly into body sculpting so hopefully my endurance will hold up for this event as I don’t do much cardio. I will probably be the first to need an ambulance as I am a bit clumsy, so have them ready on speed dial.”

Tony Caruana, ‘too old to mention’: “My greatest mountain bike achievement was in 2000 when I rode the Simpson Desert Cycling Classic — a five-day race crossing the dessert along the French Line from WA to the Birdsville Pub. The object was to raise funds and awareness for the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF) and the Princess Alexandra Hospital Foundation.”

Kimmy Stokes, 28: “The last bike I rode probably had training wheels, so preparation will be the key. I have enjoyed the training so far and I’m hoping to grow more with the joy of participation.”

Kiara Fraser, 21 (not pictured but is an integral part of the My Masseur Corporate Team): “I’d never ridden before our few learner sessions and I’ve never really been on a bike. I’ve just started an intense fitness regime, and — as a part of it — I decided mountain biking might be the go.”

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Carly Lubicz

Carly Lubicz

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