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Have you tried: TYGA/Konga

The victims: Casie Meikle and Jodie Robinson

Casie and Jodie were the lucky winners of Latin Vibrations‘ double pass to their super popular TYGA/Konga class. As girls who usually happily stick to running and boot camps, they bravely ventured outside their comfort zones to see what this dance craze was all about.


Before the class…

TheGo caught up with Casie and Jodie before they hit the dance floor, who both admitted they were a tad nervous — especially after watching a YouTube clip earlier in the day. “I’m not coordinated at all,” laughed Casie. “I’ve never really done dance before, but I’m keen to try something different, so thought I’d give it a go.”


So what exactly is TYGA/Konga?

Bubbly TYGA instructor Zoe Spillane explains that both are arms of the Jungle Body series and super effective at targeting legs, abs and butts, while shaking your bootie to popular tunes. “It combines hip hop, dancehall, ragga and afro dance moves to improve your endurance and sculpt your body,” Zoe explains, who happens to have some killer moves up her sleeve. “It’s about getting down low and using your hips to target different muscles.” The Konga part of the class is taken by instructor Ange Kowalenko and combines boxing, kickboxing, cardio, afro, pop, rock, Pilates, and disco — yes, it really is quite unlike anything else!

After the class…

As a personal preference, Casie and Jodie both enjoyed the Konga part of the class over TYGA, saying they felt their lack of coordination and dance experience slowed them up a bit in TYGA. But with practise they would have felt more able to embrace it and up the ante. Despite being the first class and needing to get their heads (and bodies) around the moves, they still burnt a respectable 440 calories each in an hour, which could get up to 900 per session with a bit more experience, says Zoe.


Best part: “The Konga bit — it was similar, but more aerobic, less complicated and less hip stuff. However, if you’re a dancer, you’d love TYGA.”

casie-jodie-danceWorst part: “The mirrors! And being filmed by TheGo!”

Tips: “Just get in and give it a go because you won’t know if you like it until you try it.”

Cost: Casual passes $12.

Where: Latin Vibrations Dance Studio, 2/70 Ingham Road, West End; near the Showgrounds.

What to bring: Towel and water. Wear your usual gym gear and runners.

When: Tuesdays at 5.45pm and Sundays at 5pm, but double check the Latin Vibrations website.

Contact: Zoe or Jodie on [email protected].

Find Jungle Body Classes in your area here:

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Carly Lubicz

Carly Lubicz

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