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Swapping screen time for green time

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Whipping up a mud pie patisserie, using natural materials to become a face-painted Ochre Warrior and propelling into rolly pollies down grassy hills are just some of the things that are drawing kids away from their assortment of screens.

Officially launched in Townsville on Tuesday, July 1; Nature Play Queensland is a state government initiative that helps families and kids to swap ‘screen time’ for ‘green time’. The bold aim is to increase the ratio in favour of more unstructured play outdoors and in nature, with the understanding that nature play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

About 100 kids aged three to 12 gathered at Sherriff Park in Mundingburra for the launch. They received a very cool Nature Play QLD Passport which includes the space to complete 10 missions that are mostly free and designed to get kids outdoors.


Little explorers are encouraged to stick photos, drawings and mini mementos in the pages of their passport to remember their adventures and they get a sticker once the missions are complete.

To get your free passport and access more than 200 outdoor missions, simply register here:

Until then, have a go at some of the activities from the list below. Do they remind you of your own childhood?

Nature Play’s 15 Things to Do Before you’re 12

  1. Climb a tree
  2. Build a cubby
  3. Camp out under the stars (even in your backyard)
  4. Invent a game that lasts three days
  5. Learn to swim
  6. Catch a wave – start with a small one
  7. Play in a creek
  8. Play in the bush
  9. Visit a national park
  10. Play in the rain
  11. Catch and tadpole. And release it
  12. Make a mud pie
  13. Build a sandcastle city
  14. Plant something and watch it grow
  15. Learn to ride a bike

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Carly Lubicz

Carly Lubicz

Carly Lubicz is combining two of her great loves — writing and getting active. Previously working as a journalist, sub-editor, and editor in newspapers and magazines; she is editor and co-founder of TheGo Townsville. She stays active with the staples of road cycling and yoga, but has recently discovered triathlon. And become addicted (apart from the swimming part). She also has a Cert III in Fitness and is passionate about improving mental health through physical activity.

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