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Meet the trainer: Jacqui Doyle

Running everything from mixed bootcamps to mums and bubs sessions, cooking masterclasses and fitness workshops, we caught up with PT and outrigging champ Jacqui Doyle to find out more about her training philosophies. It’s all about simplicity, stepping outside the comfort zone and focusing on how people feel so they can embrace their own active passions.

Business name: Fearless Strength and Fitness
Qualifications: Cert IV in Fitness
Years in the fitness industry: 12 months as a PT, but 10 years in fitness.

“I want to give people the tools to change their lives, not just the number on the scale”

Why did you get into personal training? I’ve spent nearly 10 years as a run of the mill fitness fanatic and four years doing competitive outrigging, and I saw the huge benefits in myself – I had more confidence and wanted to share that with everyone.

What’s your background? My degree is in Agricultural Science, so I worked in a technical support role with farmers, and recently I’ve moved into banking and corporate.

What’s your greatest personal achievement? In 2013 I went to Hawaii to compete in the World Outrigging Championships with a crew of North Queensland ladies. We did the famous Molokai Crossing [from the island of Molokai to Oahu]. There were 67 teams from all over the world and we came 25th.

What do you love about being a trainer? It’s the change I see in people’s personalities once they make health and wellbeing a priority. They exude confidence and have a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed mentality where they are willing to give anything a go. They may have been embarrassed before about showing themselves up, but now they’re more outgoing and likely to give anything a crack.

“If you keep doing the things that you know you’re good at, then you’re never going to grow – you need to step outside your comfort zone to get better”

What are your key training philosophies? Simplicity works: Do the basics and do them properly, like mastering form and function before lifting heavy things. But to get results you also have to address the psychological side – there’s a personal development aspect too.


What can people expect when they come to you? To be pushed outside their comfort zone occasionally – I feel that this is when the good stuff happens. If you keep doing the things that you know you’re good at, then you’re never going to grow – you need to step outside your comfort zone to get better.

What sort of equipment and class format do you have? It depends – if I’m doing a PT session at the gym [Muscle & Fitness Domain] I’ll do a mix of bodyweight exercises and gym equipment – the basics like barbells and free weights. If I’m doing PT outside in a group it will be bodyweight exercises, lighter weights and a lot of agility-based movement like skipping ropes and agility ladders. I do one-on-one training and also group bootcamps [for men and women] and mums and bubs classes.

What’s your point of difference? When people are overweight, the issue is generally their entire lifestyle. In order to lose weight sustainably, this lifestyle needs to be adjusted. I believe in encouraging people to make incremental changes, but changes that will stick with them for the rest of their lives – not just 12 weeks! I want to give people the tools to change their lives, not just the number on the scale.


How do you want people to feel after a session? A sense of achievement and a continued drive towards wanting to achieve their goals. Once you find your passion, like I found outrigging, then you find your motivation; and then you might not need a PT anymore… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing (laughs)! At the end of the day, that’s what’s so awesome about being a PT: It’s one of the few jobs where you really get to see people push themselves and their limits in the name of achieving their own individual goals. I also want people to feel proud of what their body is capable of.

Does anything often surprise people about your approach or what you do? Some people are surprised that I also offer workshops, like the regular Healthy Cooking Masterclass, plus the Running Workshop, Recovery Management, Nutrient Timing and more. I like for people to learn to do things for themselves, rather than me being the ‘all knowing’.

Proudest achievement with a client to-date? I’m proud of all my clients, but one stands out in particular – a lady who started with me in May last year has lost 22kg to-date. But I realised what a true success she was when she went away on her honeymoon for two weeks and lost even more weight over that time – her whole lifestyle has changed.


Tips for people looking for a PT? Catch up with a coffee before you start training with them so they can find out what you’re looking for, your experience, what you’ve done previously (and if you liked it or not), and your lifestyle. The bottom line is you are going to be spending a few hours of your leisure time per week with this person so you want to make sure you like them.

Biggest PT no-no? Showing a disinterest in you and just talking about themselves. You can expect them to be like that in the PT session too.

Last words? If you hate all forms of exercise then at least do it with people you like – you are more likely to enjoy it!

Find out more about Jacqui Doyle’s training sessions and workshops here. |

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Carly Lubicz

Carly Lubicz

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