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A class for everyone at Sundalah Sunday 2015

The 10th event of its kind, Sundalah Sunday will unfold at the Castle Hill PCYC on August 30, offering everything from yoga classes to workshops, music and markets — all designed to give a bit of good lovin’ to the body and mind.

Looking over the timetable this year and talking to founder and organiser Jasmine Healy-Pagan, this year’s event will serve the usual purpose of introducing attendees of all ages to different forms of yoga, plus address a growing problem that plagues a lot of us — that irritating inability to switch off (did your phone just beep?).

“Everyone is so ‘go, go, go’ with their hectic lives and ever-present-technology, that it can be hard to relax the body and the mind, and I think that’s why we are seeing so much more anxiety,” Jasmine explains, who — with an army of volunteers — has been able to grow the annual event into a family-friendly full-day of activities.


“Yoga offers a range of ways to switch off and feel great. The core of yoga has always been a study of the mind — the physical practice of yoga was created much later in response to increasing numbers of people suffering from physical pain, discomfort or disease: They were not able to tune into the study of their own mind due to these other distractions.

“This is even more evident today with technology constantly demanding our attention keeping our senses on overdrive, even if we have some relaxation time.

“That’s why yoga continues to grow in popularity every year — when life is too busy, stressful or exhausting, yoga can help.”

There really is a yoga style to suit every person and goal, and many of these will be on offer at this year’s Sundalah Sunday in the various different spaces, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to go to.

Here’s the timetable:

Sundalah Sunday Schedule 2015

Sundalah Sunday 2015 - Outdoor Program A4

What should I try?

To make your decision-making easier, we have broken it down into some outcomes that we think you might be looking for. Please be aware that many of the yoga styles cross over, but it will hopefully give you a starting point to feel comfortable trying something new:

I need some energy…

  • Dancenorth Body Awake — 10am at Joy Stadium
  • Everyday Spinal Awakening — 10am at Wisdom Room
  • Yoga for You — 12pm at Sky Room
  • Learn Five Great Feel Great Yoga Tools — Market Talk at 12.30pm


I’m seeking some inspiration…

  • Experience your True Identity — 12pm at Wisdom Room
  • Learn Five Feel Great Yoga Tools — 12.30pm Market Talk
  • Workplace Wellness — 2pm at Wisdom Room
  • The Miracle of Mindfulness — 4pm at Wisdom Room
  • Balance, Inversions and Meditation — 4pm at Joy Stadium


I want to build my strength, focus and flexibility…

  • Explore your Core — 10am at Sky Room
  • Vinyasa Krama — 11am at Sky Room
  • Yoga for Strength and Vitality — 12pm at Joy Stadium
  • Refresh your Posture with Asana — 3pm at Sky Room


I’m looking for a challenge…

  • Yoga Lift Off — 11am at Joy Stadium
  • Yoga-lates Fusion — 2pm at Joy Stadium
  • Moon Sequence Flow — 2pm at Sky Room
  • Backbends – A Love Story — 3pm at Joy Stadium


I’d like a calm body and clear mind…

  • Feldenkrais for Fluidity — 11am at Freedom Room
  • Somatic Yoga — 12pm at Freedom Room
  • Yoga Nidra Bliss — 3pm at Freedom Room
  • Sunset Dance Melt — 4pm at Sky Room
  • Sound Journey — 4pm at Freedom Room


I want to hang out with family…

  • Family Yoga Play — 10.30am at Family Marquee
  • Nurturing Gratitude with Kids — 11.30am Market Talk
  • Nature Craft — 11.30am at Family Marquee
  • Kids in Harmony Circle — 2.30pm at Family Marquee
  • Creative Kids Yoga — 3.30pm at Family Marquee


I’m looking for some practical knowledge…

  • Benefits of Reflexology — 10.30am Market Talk
  • Learn Five Feel Great Yoga Tools — 12.30pm Market Talk
  • Workplace Wellness — 2pm at Wisdom Room
  • Understand the Benefits of Organic Food — 2.30pm Market Talk
  • Practical Pranayama — 3pm at Wisdom Room
  • Emmett Technique Explained — 3.30pm Market Talk


Get involved

Sundalah Sunday 2015 is on August 30 at Castle Hill PCYC from 9.30am to 5pm. You can get an unlimited all day entry beforehand online, or on the day; plus there are market passes for those just interested in the outdoor activities. For more information see our event listing here.

All proceeds go to Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. — the local not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing health and wellness in education.

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Carly Lubicz

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