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Why you should #GoTry in 2016

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone, or tried something new? This year we challenge you to pick something you’ve never done before and just give it a go. Here are some motivational thoughts and tips from TheGo’s co-founder Katrina Watson.

“All you’ve got to lose is an hour of your time, but who knows, maybe you’ll have fun, meet new friends and find something that you love”

It’s that time of year when every one is setting goals and thinking about New Year resolutions. Maybe you want to get fitter and healthier, or you’re thinking about running your first 5km or even a half/full marathon. Whatever the case is, I challenge you to go try something new as well.

Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing, or a dance class; or maybe you’re ready to really get out of your comfort zone and try something that you’ve never even considered doing before just to see what it’s like (bonus points for everyone who picks this option).

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Whatever it is, just pick something and commit to trying it. Start simple if you like — pick a new fitness class at your local gym, or check out our calendar for a huge range of different sessions that are on around town. All you’ve got to lose is an hour of your time, but who knows, maybe you’ll have fun, meet new friends and find something that you love.

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Ready to commit to something bigger? Why not join a local sporting club, or register for a major event like the Townsville Running Festival, Townsville Triathlon Festival, an Adventurethon or — if you’re feeling particularly brave — an Ironman. We’re really lucky to have access to so many amazing options, right on our doorstep, so make the most of it, embrace it, and make this year your most active year ever!

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Need some ideas on what to do? Throughout the month of January we’re running the 31 Days of Activity. The idea is simple: To showcase a different activity every day that you can do right here in Townsville, and to help inspire you to get active and try something new. To sweeten the deal, all the activities on offer are free! The feedback we’ve been getting is that a big incentive is also the fact that everyone else who is doing the session with you is a newbie too, so you can feel comfortable that you’re all in the same boat.

So what are you waiting for? Take action today. Make 2016 your most active year ever and get one step closer to becoming a better version of yourself.

Pick one (or more) of the following, and make it happen:

  1. Register for one of our free activities as part of the 31 Days of Activity — try something you wouldn’t usually
  2. Check out our calendar, pick a class or Come Try Day and commit to going to it within the next week
  3. Pick a major event that you want to do this year, and put it in your calendar. Or —better yet — if regos have already opened go and book in now and score yourself an early-bird discount.
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Katrina Watson

Katrina Watson

Katrina Watson is the Creative Director at TheGo. Previously working as a web developer and graphic designer, she loves making things pretty and inspiring people to try new things and make every day awesome. Her favourite ways to stay active are mountain biking and swimming. She also enjoys kayaking, yoga and taking her dog for a run (Panda, a hyperactive Border Collie).

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