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Meet Donna Bloxsom

“If you need!” is a call heard so often on the netball court, but — for Donna Bloxsom — this call resonates off the court as much as it does on it.

Six years ago, when Donna’s daughter Bec joined Phoenix Netball Club, it was a given that Donna would become a key volunteer within her netball community.

Describing herself as a “serial volunteer”, Donna is a firm believer that many hands make light work. Managing two teams, washing bibs, helping with fundraising and working bees are just some of the ways that Donna has contributed to the netball community.


Donna’s tireless efforts in helping wherever she can saw her score the 2016 Phoenix Netball Club Volunteer of the Year award: “If there’s a job to be done and everyone does a little bit then it doesn’t fall back onto the executive (club committee) all the time,” she says.

Finding enjoyment in being in a community where everyone is working for the common good and meeting new people makes volunteering worthwhile for Donna.

Add in the opportunity to spend time with family, and the experience is made even more rewarding. During Bec’s junior team training Donna helps the girls by passing with them and defending when they are shooting.

“Being with my daughter is probably the most important thing,” Donna tells, with mum and daughter sharing the court on Tuesday nights as a part of a senior Phoenix team, “It’s something that we can do together.”


For Bec, having her mum run on court with her for senior games and on the sideline during her junior games is something special: “Mum can interact with my team and they feel comfortable around her, which is probably the best part,” Bec explains, “It’s just good to have someone there with you.”

With 320 members in Phoenix Netball Club alone, the 2017 netball season at Townsville City Netball Association has only just begun and volunteering opportunities are always available to those who are keen to help.

“To anyone new to Phoenix Netball, or any sporting club, I would say get in there because the rewards are endless,” says Donna.

Get involved

To find out how you can get involved with volunteering for Phoenix, or another club under Townsville City Netball Association, email: [email protected]

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Mikayla Mayoh

Mikayla Mayoh

Mikayla is a freelance journalist and photographer with a passion for anything outdoors. She hopes to one day use her skills to share her Aussie backyard with others through photos and writing. Heavily connected to the netball community for a number of years has also lead Mikayla to become a keen advocate for women’s sport, particularly in the local region.

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