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GoTry: Sailing

Looking for a new activity that gets you away from the desk and into the elements, but isn’t too demanding on the body and has a healthy social element? Well step aboard and discover sailing. ...

65km for Cystic Fibrosis

Rachael Griebenow had never heard of ‘Cystic Fibrosis’ when a nurse told her that her perfect two-week-old daughter, Skyla, would have to endure the life-shortening chronic illness that affects the lungs and the digestive system. ...

Have you Tried: Kendo

The first impression of kendo is that it involves lots of hitting with bamboo swords and yelling, but this Japanese martial art’s principles go much deeper. Appealing to everyone from children to grandparents, Townsville Kendo ...
International Adventure Games Team Safety First

An amazing race through paradise

Thanks to Rebecca Hall from Adventurethon for supplying this article. Adventurethon’s organisers put together this adventure event. The International Adventure Games sent families, friends and corporate teams on an ‘Amazing Race’ around the tropical Magnetic Island on ...
Kids getting ready

Double Trouble Aquathon

Thanks to Graham Pemberton from Free Radicals Tri-be Family Triathlon Club for supplying this article. Swim, run, swim, run – there’s no doubt that this was a hard way to end the Tribe’s season: Get the heart ...

X-Tri in perfect conditions

It was all about getting out in nature and giving it a try at Free Radicals Tri-Be’s first ever adventure triathlon today. The family-friendly club offers weekly training sessions and regular standard triathlon races, but ...

Let the adventure begin!

It’s perhaps not the usual mix you’d expect in a group training session — there are parents with prams, dogs waiting with chatting owners, lean triathletes, boisterous kids from the scouts, and bemused-looking first timers. ...
Toni Jumping

Run for more than fun

They are all doing different distances for different reasons; but on Sunday Geoff Stanton, Quona Young, Stacey Rush, Kieran and Lachlan Hood, and Toni Scanlan will join thousands of runners for the 16th annual Townsville ...
Ruth Corset with family

The mother of climbers

It has been six years since I last interviewed Ruth Corset. In that time the Townsville-based mother-of-two has established herself as one of Australia’s best road cyclists; claiming 12th position at the UCI World Championships ...

Meet Haydn and Nelson Tilley

As one of Townsville Rockwheelers’ foundation members; Haydn Tilley introduced his son Nelson to the sport at the tender age of 10. With the 21-year-old now the Elite Men’s Queensland State Champion, the pair don’t ...