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Meet Tim Slade

Motorsport fan or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the physicality and skill level of the V8 supercar drivers. We caught up with 29-year-old South Australian and Supercheap Auto Racing squad driver Tim Slade ahead ...

Go Try: Tabata

If you’re looking for a good, honest, time-efficient workout, Tabata is it. A form of high intensity interval training, it’s designed to get heart rates up, burn calories and improve both the aerobic and anaerobic ...

Meet Daina Clark

Just five years ago Daina Clark was told she should never ride or run again after a major stack on her mountain bike resulted in debilitating back injuries. Fast forward to 2015 and the podiatrist ...

Meet the trainer: Jacqui Doyle

Running everything from mixed bootcamps to mums and bubs sessions, cooking masterclasses and fitness workshops, we caught up with PT and outrigging champ Jacqui Doyle to find out more about her training philosophies. It’s all ...

Meet Casie & Troy Meikle

Partners in adventure When Casie Meikle decided to get active and lose weight for her 2010 wedding, she didn’t bank on some unexpected gains: Falling in love with fitness so much that she’s gone on ...

Meet Kim Booth

Kim Booth has held onto the same black leather belt over her entire weight-loss journey. At 124kg, she would punch more notches in it as the kilos peeled away; now two years on and 60kg ...

Tender tendons

This article is supplied by Shannon Chown, senior physiotherapist at Livewell Pain Management Centre Townsville. I had a client in the clinic recently with an all-too-familiar pain picture: a three-month history of gradual onset Achilles ...

Meet Mitch Norton

Discovering basketball at the age of six in a happy coincidence, Townsville-born Mitch Norton has since represented Australia overseas in the sport and now plays for the club he grew up supporting at every home ...

Running Pains

This article is supplied by Shannon Chown, senior physiotherapist at Livewell Pain Management Centre Townsville. The problem There is nothing worse than an injury when you’re out there on the go or preparing for an event. ...

Are you event-ready?

Five things to nail going into a competitive event It’s well and truly events season here in Townsville and, whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, many of the principles of doing a ...