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Meet Caroline ‘Caro’ Tahana

With the finale of The Block 2015 drawing nearer, we caught up with Townsville’s own ‘Caro’ (AKA Caroline Tahana) — master budgeter, renovator and Ironman athlete — to get to know this time-maximising chocolate-devotee better. ...

Meet Daina Clark

Just five years ago Daina Clark was told she should never ride or run again after a major stack on her mountain bike resulted in debilitating back injuries. Fast forward to 2015 and the podiatrist ...

Australia by Kayak

Originally from California, Teresa Diehl always longed to come to Australia’s shores – now she’s not only living here; she’s kayaking around them. The whole country. Solo. Unassisted. She’s been going for two months, has ...

Meet Kim Booth

Kim Booth has held onto the same black leather belt over her entire weight-loss journey. At 124kg, she would punch more notches in it as the kilos peeled away; now two years on and 60kg ...

Trials and tribulations

We asked local cycling gun Deborah Latouf to put together this report so we could experience what it’s like to do the time trial state championships as a team. Along with Deb, the only Townsville ...

Is stress making you fat?

This article is supplied by James Jensen, owner of GNC Townsville. Understanding stress and how it affects your body could be the key to unlocking a better, trimmer version of you. Whether we realise it ...
Miss Muddy Slip n Slide

Sisters in Mud

Miss Muddy wrap-up Cluden Racecourse rang with squeals, shrieks, laughs, cheers and the occasional expletive on Sunday as about 2600 women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels tackled the dynamically dirty multi-skilled obstacle course ...
Ruth Corset with family

The mother of climbers

It has been six years since I last interviewed Ruth Corset. In that time the Townsville-based mother-of-two has established herself as one of Australia’s best road cyclists; claiming 12th position at the UCI World Championships ...

Meet Jenni Roberts

Known as Townsville’s multi-sport queen, Jenni Roberts didn’t discover the discipline until three years ago. She jokes it took a painful mountain bike stack that saw her riding 45km of single track one-handed to convince ...