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Miss Muddy Slip n Slide

Sisters in Mud

Miss Muddy wrap-up Cluden Racecourse rang with squeals, shrieks, laughs, cheers and the occasional expletive on Sunday as about 2600 women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels tackled the dynamically dirty multi-skilled obstacle course ...
Ruth Corset with family

The mother of climbers

It has been six years since I last interviewed Ruth Corset. In that time the Townsville-based mother-of-two has established herself as one of Australia’s best road cyclists; claiming 12th position at the UCI World Championships ...

Meet Jenni Roberts

Known as Townsville’s multi-sport queen, Jenni Roberts didn’t discover the discipline until three years ago. She jokes it took a painful mountain bike stack that saw her riding 45km of single track one-handed to convince ...

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