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Personal Trainers

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Spark Movement Studio
Spark is a beautiful exercise studio in Townsville city centre dedicated to helping you move BETTER. We teach you simple techniques to strengthen and stabilise your joints so that you can say "Yes" to more opportunities in your life.
Outer Limits Adventure Fitness
Outer Limits Adventure Fitness is in the business of helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.
Oceanic Martial Arts Academy
Providers of Quality Martial Arts instruction in a Family friendly Environment.
1st Week Free
Fearless Strength and Fitness
Fearless Strength and Fitness is dedicated to empowering its clients to change and improve their fitness and well-being. We aim to make fitness a way of life, to balance the body and the mind.
BFiTT Personal Training
BFiTT was born of an idea. To simply provide one of THE best training systems in Townsville. We aim to provide only the friendliest service, the best training & advice & amazing results. We are so confident, we guarantee our results.. 100%

We offer a huge range of classes that STAND OUT FROM THE REST..
Belgian Gardens
Final Form Fitness
-Evidence Based - Personal Training -Group Fitness - Transformations- Bodybuilding- Functional Training