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Female powerlifting winners

Powerlifters power-up

FNQ Powerlifting held its first competition last weekend in conjunction with the team at CrossFit North Queensland.

There were 20 participants, both male and female, taking part in the competition, which focused on the three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. All competitors walked away satisfied with many breaking their one rep max, recording new personal bests.

Powerlifting3Spectators and competitors were also treated to a delicious barbecue lunch. The success of this event shows that there is a strong interest of the sport within the Townsville community and supports the establishment of a powerlifting club.

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The winners were determined using The Wilks Formula. This formula is used to compare the strength of powerlifters against each other despite the different weights of the lifters. Lifters on the day ranged from 57kg to 104kg.

Male powerlifting winnersMales

  1. Jason Sciacca
  2. Jesse Stevenson
  3. Jharryd Nemec


  1. Megan Tanzer
  2. Christine Rice
  3. Fiona Muxlow

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Jharryd Nemec

Jharryd Nemec

After starting his working career in the Australian Army, which was cut short by an injury, Jharryd became heavily involved in strength and weights training through his rehab and discovered a passion for fitness and nutrition. He completed his Diploma in Business in 2012 before launching Iron Industries Townsville, a supplements store that’s 100% locally-owned and operated and specialises in sports nutrition, weight loss and building muscle.

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