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Meet Rebecca Sheppard

Rebecca (Beck) Sheppard recently did the ‘impossible’ — she completed a full Ironman (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run), battling injury, three flat tyres and six-months of training 20 hours a week, juggling working full ...

Overcoming swimming anxiety

Thanks to Dr Joann Lukins from Peak Performance Psychology for sharing this article. I love my job. Every day I get to work with athletes, teams and professionals assisting them to fine tune their lives ...
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Learn to Meditate

Spend a beautiful morning practicing self-care techniques from the world of yoga. Mental health professionals are now starting to understand that yoga is more than just a good stretch. It provides a comprehensive series of ...
Sundalah Sunday 2015

Sundalah Sunday 2015

Sundalah Sunday is an opportunity for to come together to promote health and happiness and learn about what the various styles of yoga have to offer in a festival-like atmosphere.

Meet Nikki Hammon

The word ‘inspiration’ gets bandied around a bit, but once you read this interview with Nikki Hammon we’re sure you’ll agree — she has certainly motivated us to do more. As a mother to three ...
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Positive Psychology Breakfast Club

Positive Psychology and a great breakfast before you go to work? We have teamed up with the team at the Coffee Club, SNAP Fitness and Learning Partnerships to run an early morning five-week Positive Psychology ...

Stress management workshop

Our next Stress Management workshop is at Live and Breathe Yoga on Saturday 9th May Arrive 1.45 for a 2pm start Course 2pm to 5pm Introductory discounted rate $75 During our three hour workshop you ...
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Stress Management Workshop

During our three-hour workshop you will learn a series of practical, exercises to reduce anxiety and also learn techniques to help handle your 'to do list' and develop greater focus.

Meet Andy Roberts

Thirteen years ago Andy Roberts decided to listen to that niggling feeling in his gut. While he was rampantly climbing the career ladder in corporate finance in Sydney and London, a number of push and ...
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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Andy Roberts from Breathe Australia is teaching another all day workshop at Learning Partnerships. Find out how to stay calm and centred at work.  Learn techniques to stay focussed and develop positive relationships with your ...
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Learn to Meditate

Lots of people know about how meditation trains you to be calm, relaxed, confident and assured. What’s less know are the physical benefits. Muscles grow when we are resting and in a relaxed state.  Meditation ...

Meet Daina Clark

Just five years ago Daina Clark was told she should never ride or run again after a major stack on her mountain bike resulted in debilitating back injuries. Fast forward to 2015 and the podiatrist ...
Nicole, Bec and Juan

A Hub for Wellness

With stress, fatigue, weight loss, digestion and fertility being issues that rear their heads time-and-time again with Bec Dore’s yoga students, the owner of Lighten Up NQ is embracing her dream of opening a one-stop-shop ...

Mastering mindfulness

The world seems to be abuzz with the concept of mindfulness at the moment, from the offices of Google through to primary school classrooms. But what is mindfulness and what are the physical and mental ...

The power of the mind

When you want to build great physical fitness your mind can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. These studies below highlight the power of the mind. But it’s when you combine this with your ...